Friday, September 14, 2007

Settling Dust...

So "Nigel" has been on a small hiatus, but the dust will be settling soon. Just recently we got a brand new computer which purrs like a kitten and is 10 times faster than our old 2002 model, which needed to be shot. Instead though, it has been donated to the cause of my brother-in-law and his wife who needed a word processor.

So the entire "Nigel" folder has been transferred onto our new machine, but I still have yet to open it up and make sure the Leica Reel file still works in Premiere locating files and whatnot.

I'm working now on a freelance animation project directed by my friend Galen Fott, on another childrens' book adaptation, about a backhoe loader. It's fun stuff and will be keeping me pretty busy through the Fall and into Christmastime. While that's going on, I plan on starting to recruit a team of animation students to scan in and possibly color in all my drawings thus far.