Sunday, June 24, 2007

Baby Elephant Eats Peanuts

This is a shot I animated which recently had some material cut out of it. There used to be a squirrel on the ground by the peanuts, just about to grab them, and then he screams and runs away when he sees the elephant. This ended up being too distracting. Also, before the elephant stuffed the peanuts into his mouth, he blew the dust off them. I asked my 2D students for advice on which version played better, and they all seemed to agree with me on his one. Now that I have a human baby of my own, I've learned that babies aren't concerned about dirt on their food, and wouldn't blow it off before eating it!

Edit: As per comments, yes there will be a blink in there eventually to break up that long hold, and music & narration will span over the whole film.

I'd love to post more, but it's late and I need to finish some illustrations and go to bed. Tomorrow I'm driving to Portland for the Platform Animation Festival, so I'll post more recent pencil tests upon my return.

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David Nethery said...

Looks good , Ken. Looking foward to watching it develop on this new production blog.

One thing:

Is there going to be narration happening at the point where the elephant goes into the long hold , looking at the peanuts? I think narration will carry that just fine , otherwise the hold feels a bit too long. A simple eyeblink would keep it alive , or if you have the option of retiming the scene then maybe try it with 8 to 12 frames shaved off that hold .