Monday, August 20, 2007



Well, the latest update on 'Nigel' I can offer is that it appears that the Video drive in our computer might have crashed. That is the drive containing all pencil tests, sound files, etc for the film, including the work-in-progress Leica Reel.

BUT not to worry too much....I do have the majority of files backed up, and my latest leica reel with all the timing changes, etc exists as an Mpeg file at work, so I'll be backing that up today. Although it will still require a bit of work, I may be able to import the Mpeg into Premiere and then use it as a guide for lining everything back up again with the original files. Here's hoping, anyway.

I still have all the dope sheets and the drawings (one of the many advantages to making a 2D film!) which need to be scanned anyway. So rather than re-shoot all of my pencil tests, I might as well get them scanned instead so I can start assembling them in their semi-final state.

As the dust settles from recovering our computer and moving into the new campus at VanArts over the next few weeks, we'll see how many updates I can continue with here...keep checking back! I'll be working on some freelance projects in the meantime and my personal blog will still be alive & well.


idragosani said...

Oh no!

Craig D said...

Ouch! Best of luck with the recovery process, Ken!

David Nethery said...

That's so frustrating. You have my condolences.

At least you've got it on paper (drawings and ex-sheets) . Now that I've gone mostly paperless I dread the day I have a major crash and lose a lot of work. I try to be careful about saving often and backing up files to an external disc , but I need to get a better system in place for auto-backups .