Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I've been reminding myself I really need to make sure I keep a record of all the people who have been assisting me here & there on the film, so that when the credits roll I don't leave anyone out. On a production that takes this long, it's easy to forget things like this. So this is as good a place as any to keep track. Here's a rough list of credits so far:

Animation Assistants/Inbetweeners
Rick Curts
Kassandra Fry
See Hang
Chris Houghton
Jodie Hudson
Jennifer Isaak
Agata Matuszak
Carlos Miranda
Steve Stanchfield
Stephen Pearce

Nigel - Bob Godfrey
Baby Elephant - Jessica Esau
Big City Toad - Ken Priebe
Cranky Monkey - Charles Phillips
Kids - Ken & Janet Priebe

Janet Priebe

Production Baby
Ariel Lynn

Special Thanks
My Family
Colin Johnson
Bill Matthews
Bonita Versh
Marcos Gonzalez
Students & Staff of VanArts

Dedicated to the memory of
Vickie Worth
Robert & Mary Priebe

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