Saturday, July 28, 2007

July Weekend Pencil Tests

Here's the latest scene I've finished in-betweening, with some help from Steve's students as well. It's a walk that moves with a panning background and comes to a stop. Underneath the camera I fudged the entrance of the monkey a bit by just moving a drawing off the pegs in stop-motion fashion, just to get a rough idea of how he will come into the frame. It's not perfect. The whole logistics behind the pan are somewhat guess-work. This is one shot I'm not entirely confident with in terms of the technical side of the layout. It will start in 11-field and zoom in slightly to 8-field when the monkey lashes out. The elephant is saying "What's wrong?" and the monkey says "I'll TELL you what's wrong!" A few more cushion frames needed for the elephant at the end...I stayed up til 1am with this scene already though. :P-ppfft!

And here is the final version of the elephant eating peanuts off the ground.

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