Saturday, July 14, 2007

Want a Peanut (in progress)?

This is a new version of a pencil test with some recently added in-betweens. The scene, as it is here, is still not complete. There will be a camera move zooming in as the elephant approaches the monkey, so that once they are together, it's more like an 8-field or 9-field two-shot and we're closer to the action. Plus, there are some cut-away close-up shots which will be inserted into the middle part, after the monkey starts growling. No sound here at the moment either...the monkey growls and the elephant (voiced by my church pastor's daughter Jessica) asks, "Want a peanut?" I'm thinking another blink by the elephant is in order, during that hold after the monkey glances quickly up at the elephant, and before he grabs the bag.

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