Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Elephant Silhouetted Walk

Here is a brand new pencil test hot off the presses, from the weekend's animation. This shot, including the hill and the elephant himself, will all be colored black in silhouette. It's a rather familiar, almost cliched, kind of shot seen in other films, but I like the way it looks. He's basically walking along eating his bag of peanuts until he stops suddenly in his tracks. These are mostly keys that will have to be in-betweened as the next stage of finishing it off. I'm thinking that the stretch on his take when he comes to a stop might be a bit too exaggerated? Or maybe not... Any thoughts anyone has on this, I appreciate it.


David Nethery said...

Nicely done. Your animation is looking good . You are inspiring me to start animating something.

Lately my professional work has kept me busy doing storyboards and character designs, but not animation. However, it's ultimately animation that interests me. I'm not really into comics or illustration like some people (though I love looking at good comics and illustration) , so for me it's really about filmaking and drawings that move with that "illusion of life". I get that thrill which only comes from seeing drawings that look like they are living, breathing, thinking beings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

I wish I had known about the existence of this blog before I made the Storytime With Pram short- I would have named it something else!